We create customized products, we listen to you, we understand your “high quality - low budget” objective, we find creative and technical solutions to offer the appropriate support for your marketing, promotional and communication campaigns.

We offer our expertise to clients from various industries, Automotive, Pharms, Health, Financial-Banking, FMCG, IT, basic industries, Human Resources.

The products below are just some examples, whereas the most creative and actual are available only during meetings.


Premium products for luxury brands

The exigencies of Le Midi brand imposed the choice of the most delicate papers and special cartons. Special printing customized luxurious accessories, weaving rope. All reunited in a presentation package adapted to the premium image of the Le Midi brand.



Flexy Flyers

The flexible flyer with multiple fronts and layouts does not induce a creative spirit from the beginning. But, as you start “looking into” it, you see that, in the same perimeter, the content is changing as if it will not stop. “How cool!”, you will hear from your partners who will receive this material. But, what is...



A fusion of the printing product with the audio-video technology. Available as catalogue, creative boxes, displays, the dynamic products are a powerful and modern communication instrument in the marketing or communication campaigns. While interacting with the consumers in an innovative way, the VideoPrint makes your brand memorable. 1 to 4 spots, USB connectivity, adjustable volume, reloadable content,...


Automotive Industry

Products for the automotive industry

Either we talk about commercial actions and after-sales, or about activation campaigns of leads, the printed material has remained a classic in the automotive industry.

Some examples of products: Catalogues, posters, photo frame test drive, mirror hangers, customized activation cards, rollup, folders, event gift kits, give-aways for appointments with customers.